Loaded with lots of features

Your Easy Party Site comes loaded with a ton of useful features that will help you in marketing and running your business.

Online Booking

Allow your customers to see your space availability and reserve a party on your website anytime. The online form gathers all necessary information and gives you more time to spend on your business.


Increase revenue by giving your visitors coupons they can use to book parties online.

Online Payments

Allow your visitors to pay for their reservation online when they book it. Payment automatically transfers to your PayPal account.


Choose from a variety of color themes to make your website represent your business.


Your website will be pushed towards the top of the list when someone searches for things to do in your area, giving your business a strong internet presence.

Email Marketing

Keep your customers in the loop with our Super Charged eNewsletter App.


Your website will work on any phone, tablet, computer, and any other device that connects to the internet.

Employee Interface

Allow your employees access to manage party bookings, update your website, and create new content.